Course Details

Certificate In Optometry

Eligibility-The candidates who have successfully completed Foundation Course in Optometry ( Certificate In Dispensing Optics)

Course Duration-One Year

Evaluation Pattern- Assignments/ Continuous Assessment/ Viva and final exam with Theory and Practical

Course Structure

Module 01-General Science (GS-II)

Module 02-Occular Anatomy &Physiology (OAP-II)

Module 03-Ophthalmology & Ocular Diseases (OD-II)

Module 04- Clinical Optometry (CO-I)

Module 05-Visual Optics (VO-I)

Module 06-Dispensing Optics (DO-II)

Module 07- Ophthalmic Instrumentation & Procedures (OIP-I)

Module 08-Marketing & Management(MM-I)


Scope- Candidates are trained to carry out Investigation/ Examination/ Measurements/ Diagnosis/ Correction and management of  defects and impaired Visual System.


Evaluation Pattern

•Assignments       •  Continuous Assessment     •  VIVA VOCE   • Final Exam (Theory & Practical)

How to Apply